terry cromer

Restoration Repair and Mastering

Online Audio Repair
You have audio which you think is unusable, but you need to use it as you've no alternative. Upload it to me and I"ll see if I can help.

I can extract the audio from your media and using my extensive experience of audio restoration techniques will deliver a file that can be integrated back into your project.

Audio for Media
Location Sound
Dialog for TV and Film
Live events - concerts - conferences - weddings 

These sources of audio can suffer from many unplanned interruptions that can appear to render them useless or of limited value.

Transport, engines, mobile phones, emergency sirens and many other noises are all part of the noisy environment we live in and can make the final recording unintelligible. Microphones tend to pick up less obvious noise such as fluorescent lighting, air conditioning. 

Most of these noises can be attenuated or removed giving a use to a recording that would have ended up in the bin.   

Camera clicks, coughs, chair squeaks are part of the many noises that interrupt or distract a usable recording. One or a few drum beats that are too soft or loud, piano pedals that squeak. Too much reverb or background noise? We can refocus the dialogue and match it to the best takes available. Drop outs or missing ambience? We can easily create a seamless filled track to drop back in your production.

My years of film dialogue editing, combined with many specialist techniques for forensic audio cleanup allow me to quickly and inexpensively solve many of your problems.

Most of my procedures are fixed price so you can budget exactly for the rescue of your project.
All media formats can be dealt with. Most can be sent and returned over the Internet.

here for formats and delivery requirements.