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I am an acoustic engineer and have been involved in audio, film and TV for the past 40 years as an engineer, producer, recordist, editor and sound designer. As an acoustician I designed and built the first of over 100 recording and edit rooms in 1980 and kept evolving to embrace new ideas ever since. I designed some of the iconic recording and mix rooms of which Windmill Lane and U2s Hanover Quay are still producing excellent music. I have been involved with the recording of some of the most critically acclaimed albums including U2s Achtung Baby and the Waterboys Fishermans Blues as well as movies including The Commitments.

I've been fortunate to have worked on a wide variety of technically challenging projects. I've built up an expertise of project management with tight deadlines.

Since the first time I pressed the Record button in 1975 I have been involved with the constant struggle to get high quality audio. Live music recordings, early video production, low budget movies and solving problems of recordings that were well recorded but things went wrong. These along with all the popular music formats have had to be cleaned up and mastered using the skills set developed with the limited technology available. Now I have an array of specialist restoration, mastering and forensic tools to solve most audio problems.

I also make and repair fine musical instruments. You can view some of these at www.fretsireland.com.