terry cromer

Restoration Repair and Mastering

Mastering is the last part of finishing audio into a single or collection of files for delivery. The ultimate destination of the files always determine my approach to every mastering job. If it’s music; is it for CD, Vinyl or is it for a streaming platform such as Apple Music or Spotify? These all have their limits as far as low frequency limits, dynamic range and loudness. It is not a case of one size fits all. Then there are the other destinations, Radio Mix, Club Mix, Cinema Score or Licensed tracks, each of these have very different requirements to the normal streaming master and I have 40 years experience with all these requirements.

Mastering isn’t always music. It can be spoken word, old material that has been restored or any audio that has to be synced to picture. It’s not always about volume, clarity and intelligibility allow less tiring mixes to be enjoyed.

My approach to mastering is like all projects. The end result must be the best possible quality. Mastering is listening with fresh ears so I don’t take large quantities of work. I have experience over a vast range of material and genres. From 1920s jazz through all classical, traditional and popular music genres up to the present. Speech and combined programme material from documentary to animated or live action drama.